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Healthy Ignorance

So it seems… that almost everyone has a sort of sob story. A story of their past “bad” experiences.

Now I say “almost everyone” because I realize that not everyone has had bad things happen to them.

It is really sad that things that someone did to another person, negatively, still affect that person years later. It affects their trust, their confidence, their sense of what is right and wrong. They can feel doubt too, among other negative affects.

I cannot imagine how anyone can just want to be hateful… I do realize that the person lashing out the verbal abuse has a storm going on inside of them, but why take it out on the wrong person? Get it out another way. Do not harm innocent people because you have been harmed by someone else.

This is a really hard thing to accomplish for some people because now…the person who was abused by the person who has the storm inside of them due to another person abusing them, is having to try and trust new people that come into their life.

The new people have done nothing wrong…yet. I say yet because the person who lacks trust is seeking out any problems with the new person. Any signs that they should distrust them.

What usually ends up happening…they find what they are looking for or they have to realize that if they don’t look and they take a step back it will be easier.

I am not saying that “ignorance is bliss”, but I am saying the right amount
of ignorance is healthy.

(This rant needs grammar repair.)